Frequently Asked Questions

VOG-Altimeter charging

1. Qi wireless charger supplied complete with VOG-Altimeter

2. VOG-Altimeter has two light indicators

3. Place device with the speaker up on the wireless charger. Make sure that red light turns on.

4. In case red light does not turn on change a little bit location of the device on charger. Move it slowly or turn it until red light is on

5. When charging is complete red light turns off

6. You can check the battery level in the App

How long does the battery last

1. Up to one year in sleep mode. Up to 3 months in active mode

2. When the battery becomes low, you will hear a notification during take off at a height of 1000 ft / 300 m

3. You can always check the battery level in the App

4. Recharging once every six months is recommended to avoid battery wear

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VOG-Altimeter installation

1. VOG-Altimeter has size of standard audible altimeter and fits in the audible pocket of the most skydiving helmets

2. Place VOG-Altimeter into helmet with the speaker side facing your ear

3. Check if two requirements are observed

VOG-Altimeter in KISS helmet

1. In KISS helmet two requirements are not observed, therefore audibility of VOG-Altimeter can be sometimes not good enough during free-fall

2. KISS helmet might be reworked by making a hole in inner material. It solves the problem with big layer of material. But the problem with disalignment remains

Changing sounds in your own

We can use your own sounds for VOG-Altimeter. A record that is useful for all users and that meets our requirements could be implemented in the system and will be available for all devices.

If you want to use your own sounds in VOG-Altimeter please contact us:

Operating modes 

Orange light indicates the following operating modes:
1) Stand by – light signal every 3-4 seconds
2) Flight – frequent light signal
3) Connection to the Phone - constant light signal
4) Error – ligh signal every 1 second. You should reboot the device. Drop the device shortly to the charging pad and remove it

How to turn off/on the device

1. VOG-Altimeter does not have any buttons, there is no need to turn it off/on

2. VOG-Altimeter goes into sleep mode (standby) automatically. Light signal every 3-4 seconds. Battery lasts up to one year

3. VOG-Altimeter turns on automatically during take off or when connected to the phone

What does the Eye icon mean

2. Put a tick mark opposite the altitude you would like to add to the short list. Eye symbol will turn orange.

3. Choose altitudes in the short list you want to hear during jump. You can listen to the sound by ticking the altitudes.

How to reboot device

1. Put device quickly on the charger.

2. Right after you put device on charger orange light should flash a few times and stay on.

3. Orange light stays on for 7 seconds and switches to stand by mode (light signal every 3-4 seconds). Charging starts.

4. If orange light did not flash a few times and just red light turned on then device did not reboot. Wait 10 seconds and try again.

Vent holes

Light indicators are also vent holes. Leave them free for ventilation when installing the altimeter in a helmet


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- Free service for 2 years.